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Companies that build or assemble large items, such as aircraft, helicopters, ships, cars and the like, bring into their manufacturing plants large components. Very often these components are “parked” until needed. However, due to space constraints and other factors they may be parked wherever there is adequate space and not in an assigned location. When the line calls for the item it can be a time consuming exercise to locate it. Time equals cost in the manufacturing setting. Crossbow’s Asset Visibility Solution delivers a real time location feature to identify where the desired item is located in your plant or yard.

Those who support the production line, purchasing and suppliers, can have real time visibility of items as they leave the supplier’s dock, while in-transit and final arrival to the production site. Location and condition information means constant management of critical parts and components and the ability to respond in real time if schedules are in jeopardy due to delays or conditions, i.e. tilted, dropped. Crossbow’s technology gives you a “response buffer” through real time reporting rather than responding after a deadline is missed or the item is found to be damaged upon arrival at the production site. If you do not know you have a problem until you see the item at the production site it is too late.

  • Peel and stick
  • No physical infrastructure
  • No significant changes to existing processes
  • Manage exceptions in near real-time
  • Reduce man-hours needed to expedite replacement parts and components
  • Reduce the risk of shutting down the manufacturing line
  • Ensure items are on time to meet delivery and production schedules
  • Near real-time alert to possible damage if item is subjected to tilting or excessive shock
  • Reduce your cost of doing business


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