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In today’s competitive business climate it is no longer a matter of your product competing against someone else’s. It is also your supply chain competing against someone else’s. If you ship high value products, you need to minimize your exposure to theft. If your product does not get delivered, your customer may buy your competitor’s. The same can be said about products that are vulnerable to environmental conditions, such as temperature and shock, or that can not be tilted beyond a certain degree.  If your shipment is compromised or damaged while in-transit the first notification you will receive is from an irate customer. Crossbow provides shipment tracking and visibility solutions that allow you to maintain close surveillance on the location and more importantly the condition of your shipment. In-transit alerts mean you have time to react and can manage by exception. So, if you are shipping product to meet your customer’s ad date, if you are shipping items to keep a manufacturing line running, if you are shipping an expensive, built-to-order piece of equipment, Crossbow provides you the most detailed status and condition of your shipment.

  • Real time notification and alerts: not on time to make delivery expectation, temperature change, opened, tilted, dropped.
  • Ability to respond and react more quickly
  • Minimize impact of delayed or compromised shipment
  • Record conditions and location from origin to destination
  • Neutral and independent carrier performance monitoring
  • Re-useable
  • No significant changes to existing processes
  • Manage exceptions in near real-time
  • Traceable chain-of-custody
  • Information can be routed automatically to all interested parties to expedite escalation response
  • Monitor in near real-time: shipment security, shipment integrity, shipments environmental conditions
  • Drive accountability to supply chain participants
  • Reduce cost of product loss
  • Reduce man-hours dedicated to watch-dogging shipments
  • Ensures a response buffer ahead of final delivery commitment.


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