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Welcome to Crossbow Technology’s new 2010 blog.  This blog is all about the latest breakthroughs, trends, and industry happenings for advanced navigation and sensor communications technology. The blog focuses on technologies for location/positioning in GPS constrained or partially denied environments, as well as various communication and radio protocols for delivering both location and sensor information in easy to integrate ways -- without the borders and barriers of traditional systems.   The stories are written by our engineering staff, which has deep technical experience and works everyday on the front lines of navigation and machine-to-machine (M2M) related sensor communication technology for real world customers in Asset Tracking and Military/Defense Applications. 

Crossbow Technology has for almost 15 years focused on the development of products which leverage advanced MEMS sensor technology, wireless communications, and a deep appreciation for applications.  We have delivered over $150M in cumulative revenue, received numerous patents, and won several key industry awards during this period.  In January 2010, we made a strategic decision to divest certain product lines to MEMSIC ( and focus on more significant technology investment in a few key areas.   We are currently developing significant new breakthroughs in technology relevant to two particular market areas:

  • Asset Tracking and Location for the Global Supply Chain
  • Positioning, Heading/Azimuth Determination and Inertial Navigation Subsystems for Military and Defense Applications

Our business within these areas is growing rapidly with a forecast of approximately 100% growth during 2010 for these segments.   To support this growth, we are also looking to expand the engineering team rapidly.   Current open requisitions are always listed on the Careers section of our website.  Open positions include

  • Hardware Engineer
  • Software Engineer and Algorithm Designer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • QA/Test Engineer

Resumes are always welcome, and Crossbow offers competitive compensation, a strong benefits package, and a dynamic and collaborative work environment.  We particularly value relevant industry and technology expertise as well as strong personal motivation and a must-win attitude.   Check back to the blog shortly, our next story covers a very popular new device and the way this particularly famous company has worked to embed both communication and navigation technology in a handsome consumer product.

-- Mike Horton | President, CEO & Co-Founder


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It is much appreciated! I hope you are moving to a place with a little more sunshine!

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