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Rental companies and large manufacturing suppliers need to know where their inventory is located, be it in their facility or in use by a customer. If you have made large investments in equipment or tools you want to have precise information on where each item is, its condition and be notified if it moves outside its assigned area.

Crossbow’s Asset Visibility Solution is an un-tethered device that you can affix to an inventory item and track its movement without on the ground infrastructure. If you are a rental company,   Crossbow allows you to monitor location and if the item strays from a site or geographic area you can be alerted immediately. This capability minimizes your risk of theft and unauthorized movement.

Companies who support large scale manufacturing lines often ship their products and components on custom-made racks and carts. It is critical to have these re-useable conveyances returned. If they are not returned, the supplier is forced to purchase additional conveyances in order to delivery to his customer. Crossbow’s technology allows you to independently locate your property, be it in your facility, your customers’ facility or on the road. Protect and manage your investment with Crossbow.

  • Peel and stick
  • No physical infrastructure needed
  • No significant changes to existing processes
  • Reduce need to maintain higher inventory levels by improving visibility on where your assets are located
  • Reduce man-hours needed to search and locate assets
  • Real-time alert notification if asset moves outside assigned area or geography
  • Reduce your cost of doing business


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