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Crossbow Technology strives to deliver high quality sensor products on time and at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is our most important goal. We constantly strive to improve customer satisfaction by listening to our customers' needs and continuously improving our products and services.

Crossbow Technology is the world leader in intelligent asset tracking and high accuracy military sensor applications. Crossbow Technology is a registered ISO 9001:2008; FAA approved and ITAR compliant company. ISO certification in itself does not guarantee quality.

Quality requires a commitment from management to place quality first - this flows down through the rest of the company and affects how work gets done.

The Crossbow quality system starts with needs of the customer. We strive to place customer needs above all other goals. Company management focuses on customer requirements from the start of the sales process, through delivery, and continuing on to post-sales support of our products.

Our quality goals originate from the Customer. We use several customer feedback sources including customer complaints, customer surveys, customer quality audits, and external audits. We also use feedback from employees and review of defective hardware from internal tests and ongoing accelerated life tests to prevent potential customer problems. Technical issues are discussed weekly at the Crossbow Quality meeting.

Many of our products are mission critical and a failure is not an option. Every Crossbow employee and every chosen business partner stand behind this commitment.

We ensure: “YES, IT WORKS”

For Quality Management related questions please contact Crossbow Quality Department. qmgr@xbow.com


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