You Can No Longer Be Blind to Shipment Details in Inbound Transportation Pipeline, Report Finds

Aberdeen Group

Increased visibility is vital to successfully managing global inbound transportation, says a report from Aberdeen Group.  The report, International Transportation: Optimize Cost and Service in a Global Market, documents processes and capabilities of 181 companies surveyed between June and July 2010.

"Customer demands for high delivery performance, and the increased demand for accurate delivery status information are driving the need to ensure shipment integrity and enhance internal and external communications across the entire supply chain. In the past, many organizations were blind to shipment details within the transportation pipeline," said Bob Heaney, senior research analyst of supply chain management at Aberdeen.

The focus of the report is on companies that have realized the significance of gaining more visibility and control of inbound transportation. These companies have looked beyond their internal capabilities and systems and have successfully partnered with a solution provider or a managed services provider to enhance their processes. The research findings and case studies presented underscore the value and growing relevance that dynamic supply chain optimization capabilities, and near real-time visibility to detailed supply chain events play in successfully managing inbound transportation.


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