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Asset Tracking with Crossbow Technology - LOGISTICS PRODUCTS


Crossbow is a leading supplier of solutions for shipment visibility and asset tracking. The company provides integrated peel and stick devices, featuring GSM/GPRS radios, GPS and sensors. Cloud computing solutions are also available for rapid prototyping, customer trials and data forwarding services.


The Geo family of devices provides shipment visibility and tracking of high-value assets in global commerce. The devices include GSM/GPRS for connecting anywhere, GPS and cell-tower triangulation for location-based services, and a suite of environmental sensors to monitor conditions. Software in the devices enables programmability over-the-air for advanced power management and other reporting features.

Readers & Infrastructure

Crossbow’s solutions for shipment visibility and asset tracking do not require investment in new infrastructure. Thus, there are no separate readers or infrastructure pieces that must be purchased. The devices instead rely on the connectivity of the global GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellites. Functionality has been demonstrated in North America and adjacent coastal waterways on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks, as well as roaming in Asia, Europe and South America.

Cloud Computing

GeoView is a web service for using the Geo devices. It enables rapid prototyping and customer trials without requiring IT investment. The visual UI includes support for worldwide mapping, charting of sensor data, establishment of alerts and other device management. Because it is built on Google’s AppEngine cloud computing service, it may also serve as a scalable and reliable back-end for data forwarding services for customers who wish to minimize their own IT investment.



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What types of sensors does the company provide, exactly? Would love to learn more specifics about that.

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